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​Record-Breaking Results.
Hansel Law has achieved historic outcomes for the firm’s clients:
“The award [obtained by Mr. Hansel] after the two-week trial is believed to be the largest ever made by a jury in a civil case involving abuse by Prince George's police.”
Ruben Castaneda, Verdict Attacks Police Grilling, Washington Post, Sept. 1, 2006
“The settlement [obtained by Mr. Hansel], which officials called the largest in a sexual harassment case under the Fair Housing Act….”
Yvonne Wenger, Tenants to share up to $8 million in settlement of sex-for-repairs lawsuit, The Baltimore Sun, Jan. 8, 2016
In a case in which Mr. Hansel obtained the highest verdict in the country for a dog wrongly shot by police, it was reported that, “Sheriff Chuck Jenkins -- who called Hansel a ‘good salesman’…said the verdict was a major blow to the department.”
Brian Engler, $620,000 in Damages for Dog Shooting, Frederick News Post, Apr. 3, 2012
Exacting a High Price for
Violations of Our Liberties.

While Hansel Law uses the utmost discretion in quietly disposing of matters sensitive to those we protect, the firm is equally quick to publicly expose official misconduct in great detail:
“The allegations in the lawsuit were the kind where you end up reading them through your fingers like you’re watching a horror movie. They weren’t just cringe-worthy. They were more like whole-body-shudder-worthy.”
Snipy, Wonkette.com, Jan. 11, 2016
“It's very strong stuff: the only things missing from this lawsuit are tales of SEC officials running white-slavery rings and snorting brown-brown off the corpses of strippers with West African rebels.” 
Matt Taibbi, SEC Rocked by Lurid Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit, Rolling Stone blog post, Nov. 19, 2012

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